2016 Results and 2017 Plan

Hello. Long time, no post. I finished my last on-campus class in semester one last year, earning a Distinction and maintaining my GPA of 6. I’m quite proud of that grade.

Although I have completed my last class, I am yet to complete all necessary units before I am able to graduate. I have, however, secured one internship and am currently confirming a second, so that I can graduate.

My first internship begins at the start of February. If I confirm the second internship, that should begin mid-April, and finish by June, before the end of semester one. I’m very excited – the end is in sight. I might finally be receiving my long-awaited Bachelor of Creative Industries degree.

Now, to quickly touch on the next stage of my life – employment in my chosen field of study. Hopefully the two internships I undertake will confirm my passion for working with the written word. Although neither are related to the type of publishing I wish to eventually be associated with, they both concern working with words, with one in particular being an editorial role for a sports communication website that I currently write articles for, so I should enjoy myself.

Another hitch in the plan has presented itself – I am located in Brisbane, which is not particularly the thriving hub of publishing. Sydney and Melbourne are “where it’s at” in relation to publishing – all forms, not just novel. Although the Brisbane/Gold Coast area is home to some small-scale publishers, I might have to consider moving state as part of my long-term career path.

The next step is nigh.


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